how to get your kids in commercials, film, television, child modeling, magazines and print without spending a lot of money

How do I get my kid into child modeling, commercials, TV, film, print, etc.?

How can I determine which child modeling agencies are legit?

MAJOR MARKETS: If you live in or near New York, California, Illinois, Texas, Georgia or Florida it makes it easier to go on castings as there are more child modeling agencies in these states and there is much more work - especially in major markets such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Miami Beach and Orlando.

KIDS UNDER AGE THREE: Young children grow and change very quickly so if your child is under the age of three DO NOT have a lot of expensive pictures made for modeling or casting purposes and DO NOT let a so-called agency tell you that you must have them. (All you need for kids under age three are a few good, clear shots that show the child as they would normally look.)

KIDS AGE THREE AND OVER: If your child is age three or older consider having better photos taken to show to agents, casting directors, etc. - especially if you intend to work in the more lucrative markets such as New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Miami Beach, Orlando, etc.

ALL AGES: Agents at kids modeling agencies as well as Casting Directors want to see kids looking like kids. DO NOT put any makeup on them, DO NOT dress your child in frilly pageant style dresses, DO NOT put big bows in the hair, etc.

DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU: "I have been trying to help my daughter start a modeling career but we have been scammed so many times I am about to give up. And affter reading the information you gave me, I realized that I have been doing everything I should NOT be doing - like paying for training, photo shoots, photos, comps, etc. directly through an agency. I purchased a list of agencies from ------ and mailed to them but there are hundreds of agencies claiming to be legit and so far we haven't been able to find even one."

DO NOT have anything to do with ANY agency or "manager" that requests money in advance for ANYTHING. Modeling schools, classes or training are completely unnecessary at any age and you should NEVER pay an agency for any type of marketing, training, workshops, classes, registration fees, photo shoots, photography services, comp cards, etc.

A legitimate agency or manager makes money ONLY from booking a job and taking a commission, usually 10-20% of the gross. (For example, if your child does a job for $500 and your agent takes a 20% commission - the agent would be entitled $100 commision and you would receive $400.)

ALL bookings should go through a state licensed booking agency and NEVER FORGET that it is specifically ILLEGAL for a booking agency or manager to "split fees" with phtographers and/or charge you money for anything other than booking a job and taking a commission in at least three states.

Click HERE to see the Florida State Law that makes it illegal for Florida booking agencies to split fees with photographers or charge money for classes, training, photography services, comp cards, etc. (California, New York and Florida all have similar laws.

DO NOT respond to newspaper or radio advertising placed by so-called agencies as real agencies, managers and casting directors have no need to advertise.

DO NOT sign up for "exposure" or "representation" or "training" or fashion shows or anything else that is being promoted at a table or a kiosk at a mall as you will very quickly find yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars poorer.

DO NOT fall for false promises or misleading claims used to sell you worthless "portfolios," runway lessons, training, classes, etc.

DO NOT pay an agency or manager for photography services of any kind, pay the photographer.

DO NOT pay an agency or manager for comp cards, etc. pay the printer.

"Why is it that real agents and managers don't seem to have time to see my kids in person or talk to me on the phone?"

The biggest reason it is so hard to get a real agent or managerto see you or talk to you is because a very high percentage of the people they come in contact with do not follow through. Imagine spending several hours a day talking to people that don't follow through and you will understand why real agents and managers don't have time to chit chat. (Most larger agencies have in-house scouts to find and screen talent for them while most smaller agencies rely on a more informal network of scouts and photographers to find new talent.

PLEASE NOTE: Although they may be few and far between, there are legitimate model scouts and many of them also work as photographers, make-up artists etc. which is perfectly legal and ethical in all 50 states as there is no inherent conflict of interest. In fact, working with a legit model scout that is also a photographer can be extremely beneficial to a new model just starting out.

Just be sure not to confuse what a scout does with what an agent or does. What's the difference? Scouts do not get involved in negotiating fees for bookings and, therefore, do not need to be licensed to book models and talent. (There is no such thing as a "model scout license".)

ALSO: Keep in mind that 99% of the photographers you may encounter DO NOT know how to photograph kids properly.

Great photos are door openers - so be sure to get solid advice from someone that really knows what they are doing before having any pictures taken.

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